Divine gentlemen’s luxury pedicure 70

Treat your feet by selecting our luxury gentlemen’s pedicure which consists of hard skin removal, relaxing scrub, cuticles tamed, mask and massage. 

Women’s Deluxe Pedicure 80

Facial Waxing-Eyebrows, Lip, Chin From10

Body Waxing – Underarm and Standard Bikini From15

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting From10

Glitter face and body painting from the gypsy shrine

Glitter or Jewel eyes €10 
EyeJewels and Glitter €15 
Forehead and eye Jewels €15 
Body Jewels €20  add glitter/special effects €5 
Glitter arm/chest/collarbone €15 
Glitter shoulders €10 
Glitter Bottom €20  add shoulders €5 
Glitter roots €20 
Glitter beard €20 
Glitter lips €5