SAL de IBIZA body exfoliation 30 mins70


Our Sal de IBIZA salt and oil body scrub will leave you feeling like you have brand new skin. Shed layers and get holiday skin ready with our 30 minutes 100% natural scrub. Our scrub is made of only the highest quality ingredients with over 80 vital minerals and trace elements.

Anti Cellulite Brazilian Clay Mask 70 mins100

This treatment targets stubborn areas of cellulite, stretch marks and ageing. The treatment starts with gentle body brushing, anti cellulite massage techniques and then to finish application of the red clay mask to the specific problem areas. For best results, It is recommended as part of a treatment package. A pack of 5 treatments for 400 euros is available.

Brazilian Body Clearing Clay Mask 60 mins80

This body mask is perfect for those who have congested, oily skin. The treatment will start with a gentle body brushing, manual salt exfoliation, application of the clearing clay mask and then application of body moisturizer.

Hydrating Clay Mask 60 mins80

This white clay body mask hydrates the skin and cleanses and lightens any blemishes on the skin. It will start with a light body brush to remove any dead skin cells and then the mask will be applied all over the body. To finish, the oil will be massaged into the body to help hydrate the skin further.

Body Treatment Packages 5 X 60 mins400

Pack of 5 body mask 60-minute treatments for 400 euros. The package can be a mix of different body masks.