Divine Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage 30 min60

Relieve tension with this personalised treatment targeting the areas most prone to stress. This is the ideal treatment for anyone looking for stress relief and relaxation.

Divine Scalp Massage 30 min55

This is ideal for anyone who suffers from tension headaches or neck and shoulder strain. Calm the mind and soothe tight muscles with this gentle but effective treatment. Add on ear candling for an extra €15. Ear candling helps to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal. This helps to draw out excess ear wax and other impurities from the ear canal as well as regulating pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. Ear Candling induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and soothes earache, headaches and tinnitus.

Divine Personalised Full Body Aromatherapy Massage 60 mins80

Specifically customised to your alignments our full body aromatherapy massage will soothe, relax and calm your mind body and soul. Selected oils will be chosen to suit your needs the blend of essential oils will then be applied to your body with a light to medium pressure. This is best suited to those who are looking for pure relaxation.

Divine Full Body Deep Tissue Massage 60 mins85 / 90 mins100

This targeted massage will focus on muscular strain and tension on key areas of the body. A medium to strong pressure will be applied to the back, back of the legs, front of the legs, arms and scalp. Muscular pain will be diminished and you will leave feeling lighter and more energised. Add assisted stretching for an extra €20. Assisted stretching will help to aid mobility of stiff muscles using Thai yoga massage techniques.

Reviving leg massage 40 mins60

Have you been dancing to the small hours? Let Divine Beauty and Massage attend to your tight and tired leg muscles. This treatment is ideal for sports people, dancers, DJs, restless legs!

Divine Reflexology 40 mins65

Our reflexology treatment involves applying pressure to reflex points on the foot which helps to enhance recovery in corresponding areas of your body. It’s effective in promoting wellbeing and deep relaxation.